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As an organization, CoAMP's goal is to work for its members and provide value.  There are many different ways that CoAMP strives to achieve this.  We have education initiatives designed to keep you up to date on your CE certifications as well as other courses that are specific to making you more valuable as a mortgage professional.  Our Government Affairs committee is run by CoAMP volunteers who work to lobby lawmakers and keep you up to date on state and federal legislation that affects your business.  We have also partnered with affiliates to provide discounted services to CoAMP members.

There are so many other ways CoAMP works to provide value for its members.  Read below for more information.

State and Federal Advocacy

The landscape has changed dramatically for mortgage professions over the last 5 years.  New bills and revisions to existing legislation are taking place all the time.  Keeping up with all of this, let alone taking the time to be present in the debate, is something that most mortgage professionals don't have time for.

Fortunately CoAMP has members who volunteer their time and money to be present at the state and national levels for the sole purpose of ensuring that our members are aware of new legilation and that we can provide input to the lawmakers shaping the legislation.

As a network of mortgage brokers, small lenders, title companies, appraisers, real estate agents, and other third party service providers to the mortgage industry, there has never been a more critical time for us to band together to ensure that our voices are heard.

CoAMP is your advocate in Colorado and we work in concert with NAMB on a national level to affect legislation in Washington.


Continuing Education has always been one of the primary benefits of being a member of CoAMP.  We continue to offer a free 2 hour state CE classroom course for our members.  In addition to this we offer the full 8 hour classroom course to meet your continuing education requirements with NMLS at a discounted fee.  We have also negotiated a member discount for the full online course through an affiliate if you are unable to make it to our classroom sessions.  See the list below of the affiliates who offer discounts specifically to CoAMP members.

In addition to the CE courses we will be offering webinars, seminars, and workshops on various topics that are fresh and relevant to mortgage brokers as well as professionals in the real estate industry.  See our CoAMP Events page for details on the next educational event.


CoAMP will have periodic networking events for members and non-members to get together and discuss what is happening in our industry.  These events will often be coupled with presentations by CoAMP members and affiliates.  The goal of these events is to connect the people in our industry and promote further education.

Affiliate Benefits

To provide additional value we have established discounted services for CoAMP Members with the following affiliates:


RateAlert is a service that tracks mortgage backed bonds and provides real time market updates.  This service is invaluble in determining when to lock and when to float.  RateAlert has partnered with CoAMP by offering a discounted monthly/semi-annual/annual subscription fee.  The discount will save you $40-$60 annually depending on your billing method.

Follow this link to our members only benefits page:
Members Only Benefits Page


Gregg Kay is a partner of Archer Bay and specializes in Mortgage, Real Estate, and Title Law.  He is active in many of the CE classes and seminars that CoAMP offers.  The attorneys at Archer Bay can handle just about any legal situation.

CoAMP members receive a free consultation from Gregg or his other partners (depending on need).

Gregg E. Kay
(303) 758-5100



MEC is a continuing education course provider that has partnered with CoAMP to offer a discounted rate to their continuing education course specifically for CoAMP members.

Follow this link to our members only benefits page to get the class registration form:
Members Only Benefits Page



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