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  • 20 Dec 2013 9:34 AM | Adrienne Randol



    RMLO AML Training Access Directions

    RMLO AML training is available from our partner Exchange Analytics.  Upon your satisfactory completion of the course, Exchange Analytics will send a Certificate of Completion to you directly. The course takes about 30 minutes to complete but can be stopped and re-entered from where you left off as often as desired. The cost of the course is $25. You are responsible for payment and this can be done directly online through a secure ecommerce site by following the instructions below.

    1. Go to    
    2. → If you are an existing user: Click on the orange “Sign in” button and log in. 
      → If you are a new user: Click the ‘Sign up” link (under the Sign in button) and complete the form.  We suggest using your email address as your login. 
    1. Click on the orange “Course catalog” button and select the AML for RMLOs course.
    2. Click on the green “Get it” button.
    3. If this is the only course you need click on the green “Proceed to checkout” button.
    4. Accept the “Terms and Conditions” in order to proceed, then click on the “Pay with Stripe” button.
    5. Enter your credit card information and click the “Pay” button.
    6. Click on the “AM for RMLOs” course name, then click on the course name again under “Lessons.” 
    7. Click on the orange “Click to start” to launch the course.

    Upon completion of the tutorial, Exchange Analytics will receive immediate notification. If you enter your email address properly as requested, you will receive an email confirmation as well.  A Certificate of Completion will be available for download.  

    To re-enter the course

    If you would like to pause the program at any time you may re-enter the program at the same place you left off.

    To re-enter the program simply go to and log in.  Click on the course name you wish to re-enter, then click on the course name again under “Lessons.”  Then click on the orange “Click to start” to re-launch the course.

    Need help? Contact Exchange Analytics at 800-823-8442 or     

  • 19 Jun 2013 10:04 PM | Adrienne Randol

    Tom Black of Black, Mann and Graham also founders of Goldome Warehouse Lending Group, recently conducted a presentation about QM/ATR Rule, and what this will mean to mortgage professionals.

    Please click PDF link below for full presentation as this was a very comprehensive guides detailing what will be included in the 3% cap for Points and Fees. Highlighted below are specific slides of interest.

    QM Presentation BMG June 2013.pdf

    General Rule – Creditor shall not make a loan that is a covered transaction unless the creditor makes a reasonable and good faith determination at or before consummation based upon "verified and documented information" that the consumer will have a reasonable ability to repay the loan according to its terms.

    Satisfying the General Rule 5 Ways

    1)QM – Special Rule (agency)

    2)QM – General Rule

    3)"Running Naked" – You Prove Reasonable and Good Faith Determination of "Ability to Repay"

    4)Refinance a Non-Standard into a Standard Mortgage

    5)Small Creditor Rural Qualify Balloon


    TOTAL Loan Amount x Percentage ≥

    (a) + Non Interest Finance Charges under 1026.4(a) + (b)

    (b) + 1026.4(c) charges where lender, broker or affiliate retains a portion of the fee

    (c) - any bona fide third party charges not retained by creditor (unless expressly included)

    (d) + any excess discount points

    (e) + all compensation paid to a loan originator other than the employee of a creditor that can be attributed to the transaction

    (f) + prepayment penalty

    For QM Loans – Points and Fees Payable in connection with the loan cannot exceed specified amounts as a percentage of the "Total Loan Amount."

    Total Loan Amount =

    Amount Financed (Principal Amount)

    - Prepaid Finance Charges

    - Other charges Paid to Creditor/Affiliate and Financed

    - Optional Credit Insurance Paid at or Before Closing

    "Points and Fees" Generally includes all non-interest Finance Charges under 1026.4(a) (b) with specific exceptions


    • All Broker Fees
    • Points, Loan Fees, Assumption Fees, Finder’s Fees

    5 Exceptions

    Federal or State Insurance or Guarantee Fees

    MI payable after consummation

    A portion of up-front MI if automatically refundable not to exceed amount allowed under FHA.

    Unretained 3rd party fees – (if not expressly included)

    Certain "Discount Points" on lower interest loans


    • Fees for title examination, abstract of title, title insurance, property survey, and similar purposes.
    • Fees for preparing loan-related documents.
    • Notary and credit-report fees.
    • Property appraisal fees or fees for inspections to assess the value or condition of the property if the service is performed prior to closing, including fees related to pest-infestation or flood-hazard determinations.
    • Amounts required to be paid into escrow or trustee accounts if the amounts would not otherwise be included in the finance charge.

    Includes all compensation paid directly or indirectly by a consumer or creditor to a loan originator other than an employee of the creditor that can be attributed to the transaction at the time the interest rate is set.

    Current Example

    Loan Amount: $250,000.00

    Rate: 3.250%

    Broker: 3% $7,500.00

    Lender Fee: $875.00

    Doc Prep: $125.00

    Appraisal: $375.00

    Credit: $27.00

    Title: $650.00

    Recording: $140.00

    Assume Loan Officer Comp 1%

    Total: Prepaid Finance Charge: $3,622.95

    Amount Financed: $246,377.05

    3% = $7,391.31

    No Affiliates

    Total Allowable: 3% x $246,377.05 = $7,391.31


    Broker: $7,500.00

    Lender: $875.00

    Loan Officer: $2,500.00

    -over by $3,483.69

    W/out DC over by $983.69



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