CoAMP Mission Statement

COAMP’s mission is to provide education, advocacy and networking opportunities to its members. This will result in members who are recognized service professional and will increase consumer awareness of and demand for the services provided by COAMP members.

In delivering its mission COAMP must cost effectively:

Provide a Forum and Venue to Mortgage Originators that:

  • support increasing the mortgage and financial services acumen of all members.

  • promote continuous professional development

  • result in the majority of member originators achieving the highest level of association certification

  • provides clear professional separation between active members and other licensed non-member originators.

Provide a Forum and Venue to Consumers that:

  • induce them to participate because they recognize the value received provides them the skills requisite to manage their most significant financial transaction.

  • develop the confidence to enter into real property financing transactions knowing they have the foundation on which to take accountability for protecting their own interests.

Promote the Image and Reputation of its members and the mortgage industry in general by:

  • Mandating and enforcing member adherence to COAMP’s Code of Ethics and Best Practices

  • Becoming the recognized advocate for mortgage originators and real property finance consumers

  • Identifying and acting on violators of advertising and other processes that serve to mislead or perpetrate fraud on consumers or other industry partners; or that serve to embarrass the mortgage origination profession.

  • Providing assistance and consultative services to protect Colorado against those who pursue profits at the expense of ethical, consumer-centric business practices.

Aggressively and Professionally Represent the industry and COAMP’s members with respect to legislative activities to:

  • Influence outcomes that are in the best interest of the industry and its constituents

  • Increase the legislator and bureaucrat awareness of the value of the professional broker

  • Become the recognized source of neutral, fact-based information about the mortgage industry and activities

Communicate COAMP’s Value:

  • To foster broader public awareness of professional Mortgage Originators as the preferred source of mortgage financing.

  • Provide Products and Services to improve industry and member efficiency, service quality, productivity and profitability.

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