If you are a consumer and wish to file a complaint about an experience with a person or company in regard to your lending experience, please visit the DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies) website and follow the below steps:


What Happens When You File a Complaint || Complaint Form
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What Happens When You File a Complaint

The complaint will be reviewed to determine whether a violation of a law or regulation may have occurred. If the evidence supports a probable violation, the complaint will be processed. The complaint may be resolved informally or investigated further. You may be asked to provide additional information. The individual you filed the complaint against will typically be provided with a copy of the complaint and all other documentation you submitted. They are then required to respond to the complaint.

After the initial investigation and response, one of several things may happen:

  • It may be dismissed because, based on available information, there is no jurisdiction or there appears to be no violation of the statute. For example the complaint may be outside of the powers of the board, as defined by the Legislature. The board may also dismiss a case with a Confidential Letter of Concern.
  • If a violation has occurred, the board may issue a Letter of Admonition, put a licensee on probation, require continuing education, issue a fine, suspend a license, or revoke a license, among other disciplinary options.
  • It may be tabled while more information is gathered by staff for later presentation or to await the outcome of criminal or civil litigation.
  • It may be referred to the Office of Investigations for a formal in-depth investigation for later presentation to the Director.
  • It may be referred directly to the Attorney General, who acts as the board’s lawyer, so legal action can be taken.

A regulatory board CANNOT require any individual or business to refund money, correct deficiencies, or provide other personal remedies. In some cases, a legal action may be your only recourse to resolve a matter. The Division cannot provide legal advice. However, a number of other resources are available to you as a consumer. The agencies and offices listed below may be helpful to you if you wish to seek a refund or adjustment to the charges:

Complaint Forms

NOTE: While the Division may accept an anonymous complaint, it will not proceed if it lacks sufficient information to support a regulatory or criminal violation.

  • Fill in your personal information.
  • Fill in the information about the person you are filing a complaint against.
  • Provide a description of your complaint on the attached Complaint Form, using additional pages if necessary. Include as many specific details as possible, such as dates, names of persons involved, etc.
  • Send copies of any documents in support of the complaint (e.g. contracts, purchase agreements, warranty information, checks, receipts, invoices, photographs, correspondence, etc.). Do NOT send originals.
  • Sign and date the complaint form at the bottom of the page.
  • Consumers who are clients of accountants must fill-out the release of records form.
It is critical that you include all necessary information with the Complaint Form. If information provided with the complaint is insufficient for the Division to move forward with the complaint (i.e. lacking records or documents referenced in the complaint), the Division will hold the “incomplete complaint” for 30 days awaiting the supplemental information after which, the complaint may be discarded by the Division.

The Division considers all complaints important. The processing of the complaint will be conducted in as timely a manner as possible. Complaints that present an immediate threat to public safety will be given priority.

Thank you for your patience during the complaint process.

Complaint Form

Complaint Form (Health Related Professions)

Accountancy Clients' Release of Records Form

Please review and save the Advisory Notice to Complainants

If you would like to download a copy of our complaint form, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have it installed on your computer, you may download it by clicking here: Adobe.Acrobat Reader.

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