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Well folks, this is where it all happens - Government Affairs.  We spend so much of our time performing the duties of being mortgage professionals that we often forget that there are real human beings in Washington that are writing legislation that affects every aspect of our industry.

One of CoAMP's primary objectives is to be a voice at the state and federal levels for the consumer and mortgage professionals in Colorado.  We do this locally and nationally through coordinated effort with the National Association of Mortgage Professionals.

Our Government Affairs committee members volunteer their time and efforts to improve the industry as a whole and to be our representatives.  The only way we can get things changed in Washington is to be present in the debates that shape the legislation.

Below are a collection of different posts by our Government Affairs committee members.  Feel free to comment.  If you are looking for a discussion, please check out our Member Forums too.


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  • 17 Jul 2013 12:26 PM | Adrienne Randol

    Colorado Association of Mortgage Professionals (CoAMP)

    Position Statement


    UST – Uniform State Test -  Board of Mortgage Loan Originators meeting 7/17/13

    The Colorado Association of Mortgage Professionals thanks the Board of Mortgage Loan Originators for it’s commitment of maintaining an environment in our industry of fair lending and consumer protection. The CoAMP Board of Directors have met and discussed the matter of Colorado accepting the NMLS Uniform State Test for licensure eligibility  in the State of Colorado and have formulated the following positions:   


    CoAMP POSITION: We do not support the acceptance of the UST for Colorado.

    We do not advocate or agree that the state should adopt the UST for the testing requirements of Colorado licensees.

    The majority of the members of the Board of Directors of CoAMP agree that a Uniformed State Test is not a sufficient litmus test of the knowledge required to be a licensee in the State of Colorado. 


    The  Colorado laws require specific and unique performances of a licensed MLO operating in this state.  This UST is not particular to our state laws and is too general to measure the knowledge of the applicant for licensure in our state.


    The Colorado Association of Mortgage Professionals (CoAMP) would like to thank the Mortgage Board for its consideration of our positions.


    CoAMP 2013 Board of Directors

    Adrienne Randol – President

    Kelley Hamilton, CRMS – Past President

    Don Booher – Vice President

    Cheryl Braunschweiger - Secretary

    Heidi Martin – Treasurer

    Douglas Braden – Director

    Joan Sullivan – Director

    Walter Gallegos - Director

    Jayne Bail – Director

    Bob Turgeon – Director

    Jason Kauffman - Director

    Jenny Gilbreath – Director

    Matt Helfrich - Director

  • 19 Jun 2013 10:12 PM | Adrienne Randol


    It is very important that you email and/or call your Congressman to voice your opinion about current or upcoming legislation that will not only affect our industry, but also consumers.

    Click the link above and simply enter your zip code or address and your Congressional Representative's information will be available to you.

  • 08 May 2013 7:20 AM | Anonymous

    Come see what happens at the State Regulatory meetings.  Attached is the next meeting scheduled for the Colorado Division of Real Estate Board of MLOs.  See you there!

    A_MLO Agenda_May 2013.pdf

  • 13 Apr 2013 11:01 AM | Anonymous

    Recent post from John H. P. Hudson, past Government Affairs Chair for NAMB

    John's post on Linked in


    Feds forcing LO's to be salaried???

    Perhaps this was the plan all along.... I remember meeting with a CFPB official 2 years ago on LO Comp and the question was asked...."why don't you just put your loan officers on salary?".... 

    This article brings up a good long as MLO comp cannot be attributed to a single specific transaction, than the MLO Comp will not be included in the 3% cap on points and fees.... 

    Of course, this also creates an environment which is detrimental to many small businesses because they cannot afford to put many sales employees on salary... 

    This should reinforce every MLO, whether they work for a broker or banker, to get behind NAMB and MBA and ther efforts to remove lender paid compensation from the 3% cap in QM by way of HR 1077, the Consumer Mortgage Choice Act... 

    (If you are not a member and again, it does not matter if you are a broker or a banker, please visit and join your industry trade association.  Promote consumer choice, promote small business.)

    The 3% cap will harm consumers and small businesses and the recovery at a time when housing looks like it may be one of the few ways to rebuild this country's economy...

  • 12 Apr 2013 9:11 AM | Adrienne Randol

    A small entity compliance guide for the Ability-to-Repay and Qualified Mortgage rule


    Today, we published our Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Ability-to-Repay and Qualified Mortgage Rule.

    Our goal with this guide is to provide a comprehensive rule summary in a plain language and FAQ format, which makes the content more accessible and consumable for a broad array of industry constituents, especially smaller businesses with limited legal and compliance staff.

  • 26 Mar 2013 12:03 PM | Adrienne Randol

    CoAMP Team works for you in Washington DC at the Legislative and Regulatory Conference

    March 10-13th 2013:   

    Doug Braden, GA Co-Chair, Jayne Bail, GA Co-Chair and Adrienne Randol, President

    Colorado had three delegates who attended the annual NAMB legislative conference and spent the entire day on Tuesday the 12th and part of the day on Wednesday the 13th meeting again, (this my 8th consecutive year) with almost all of our Colorado Law makers in Washington DC. You can read more about the NAMB conference and the panel discussions with regulators and industry leaders on the CoAMP website on the GA site or go directly to the NAMB site for more details. Here is a recap of our meetings and the talking points we used to engage our members of Congress.

    The Colorado Association has been working closely with Impact Mortgage Management and Advocacy Advisory Group, IMMAAG for the last four years and have been carrying a singularly focused message to slow down the rush to judgment, allow the SAFE Act time to work and take this perfect opportunity to bring the two 38 and 40 year old RESPA and TILA rules together and clarify the disclosure process. These complete legislative packages are also posted on the CoAMP site. 

    This year we added, to support our points, the details of a recent survey taken from over 6,000 of the national membership group of IMMAAG supporting the position to have Congress revisit provisions of the Dodd Frank Act which are contained in our legislative packet. We used these ideas to help frame the issues this year as we presented House Bill HR-1077, by Congressman Huizenga from Michigan, which NAMB is supporting to clarify the 3% cap on fees for the proposed QM rule. 

    The Bill, known as the Consumer Mortgage Choice Act, addresses the double counting of originator compensation and premiums in the current rule and will level the playing field for brokers and lenders which will serve to make shopping for a mortgage easier for consumers. As of today’s date we now have a total of 13 co-sponsors and the bill has been assigned to the House Financial Services Committee as of March 12th. The Colorado Government Affairs committee will continue to support these ideas here in district and ask you to join us by following the steps in our call to action. Please contact your Congressmen today to ask their support for our industry and consumers in Colorado.

    Below is a brief description of our meeting schedule in DC. Thank you for your help with our efforts and please pass along these ideas with others who share your concerns and passions to help bring these positive changes to the forefront of our lawmakers.

    TUESDAY March  12th

    We met for Breakfast to go over our lobby packets and confirm attendance to our meetings; Ryan Riesterer who previously worked for the legal department of NAMB agreed to join us for our 5 pm meeting with Congressman and House Financial Services Committee member, Ed Perlmutter.

    First appointment was with Congressman Mike Coffman who was in attendance and supports us fully, Mike has always supported our positions and would help us to advance our ideas of amending the Dodd Frank Act given the opportunity.  I will follow up with him and his lead legislative assistance Stephen Beck to reinforce our request for their support for HR-1077.

    Next meeting was with Congressman Scott Tipton. He had not yet arrived back to DC so we met with his staffers Jeff Small and Eli Leino, Scott is a supporter of our positions and has expressed a need to revisit Dodd Frank as well; we asked for their support of HR-1077.

    We did not have appointments scheduled for either Doug Lamborn or Diana DeGette but found that our drop ins were welcome. We spent time with Tommy Walker from DeGette’s office and Lucas Miller from Lamborn’s and will send follow up’s to them also. We had a quick bite of lunch in the house office buildings then went on to Congressman Jared Polis office where we met with Eve Lieberman who was also interested in hearing more from us. I am in Jared’s district so I will follow up with her and watch when he’ll be in town next to get out and see him again.

    Then we focused in on our most important meeting with Congressman Ed Perlmutter who has been a member of the House Financial Services Committee since arriving in Washington in 2004 and the Congressman was one of the first members of Congress I ever met. Ed has always taken time for us personally and although he will not consider any repeal of portions of the Dodd Frank Act (part of our suggestions in our Colorado packages) he did show great consideration for supporting the bill, HB-1077 and personally directed his staffer Noah Marine to “get someone from the CFPB over here to look over this QM rule”. I have already sent a request for a follow up meeting with Ed in district in the following days to let him know what progress has been made and to see where we might help with the discussions with the CFPB. This was one of the greatest victories I have ever experienced at these lobby day conferences and look forward to advancing this further with Mr. Perlmutter’s office.

    WEDNESDAY March 13th

    I went by the Coffee Colorado breakfast meeting and although I did not get to meet with Senator Michael Bennett, I did spend time with one of his lead staffers at the coffee and left my packet for Brian Appel who we have met on every trip. We were not able to meet with Mark Udall’s office as they were moving his office on the 12th we did forward our information to Adam Jones (Udall’s staffer) who also has met us on every other trip. Since this Bill is not yet bound for the Senate, time is early to ask for the support of our Senators.

    My final meeting was with Congressman Cory Gardner who met with me in person and has always been very supportive of our efforts. With Cory and Mike Coffman sitting on the House Small Business Committee we will stay in close touch with them both and will ask them to contact Ed’s office and ask for his support of the bill in HFS Committee.

    All in all it was a successful trip just by the response from Ed Perlmutter. It remains the Colorado Government Affairs committee’s task to continue our efforts, send out thank you letters and additional personal follow up, with those members who can and will support our cause. Again please join our efforts with our Call to Action and bring other concerned future members to help support our cause. 

    Visit to learn more.

    Douglas L Braden

    CoAMP GA Co-Chair

    And 2008 Past President

  • 31 Jan 2013 1:17 PM | Jason Kauffman

    Doug Braden and Congressman Cory Gardner meet at the open house in Cory’s new office in Greeley January 9th 2013

    Dan Betts graciously took this picture for me. Thanks Dan! It was nice seeing you all again congratulations on the great new office and keep up the strong work for Colorado!

    Doug Dropped off the letter from David Stevens, President of the MBA, detailing some negative impact to small Businesses from the recent and now being considered changes coming from the CFPB, with regard to compensation, new disclosures, and the QM definition and guidelines which will clearly favor the much larger institutions.

    He asked for Cory’s consideration and help with our positions and asked that he contact members of the Financial Services Committee and other in Congress with our points and any recommendations.

    Respectfully DLB

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