Understanding Credit Scores and What Affects Them - WEBINAR

  • 15 Sep 2015
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM




Curious about how credit is scored? Ever wonder why a score drops when a collection is paid? Need to help borrowers with erroneous reporting?


In this webinar you will learn about:

  • ·         Who are the creditBureaus and where did they derive from?
  • ·         How do Bankruptcies affect scores, report erroneously, and how can they disappear?
  • ·         How do most Consumer Credit Counseling / Debt Consolidation organizations damage credit scores?
  • ·         How much do credit Inquires affect your score and what’s the “truth” about the mortgage inquiry shopping day window for consumers?
  • ·         How are most Loan Modifications affecting credit scores?
  • ·         How are Short Sales & Foreclosuresaffecting scores and what’s the best route for a consumer to take?
  • ·         Why do “paid collections” NOT HELPcredit scores, and why could it be a horrible idea to pay them?
  • ·         Why do different industries have different FICO Scores and which one is accurate?

There will also be a Q&A Covering:

·        #1 Length of Credit History accounts for 15% of your total credit score, what are 3 ways to increase your length of credit history to boost your score?

·        #2 Which one has a greater negative impact, a new Macy’s charge off or a new utility collection? And why?

·        #3 What are the new credit scoring algorithms created by Vantage score? And how are they going to affect mortgage professionals?

·        #4 Under the right conditions, one type of an account can get your credit score into the 800s, what is it and why?

·        #5 A 30-day late can range in damage from 0-175 points! Can you explain that discrepancy?

·        #6 Why does Paying a collection damage a credit score? When would paying a collection benefit your credit score?

WHEN: Tuesday, September 15th. 10am-11am

WHERE: Webinar (Webinar info will be sent the day prior to the call)

COST: Members: $15    Non-Members $25

More information and online registration: Understanding Credit Scores and What Affects Them - WEBINAR

About Sean Nealon and Continental Credit:


Continental Credit has been in business since 2007, Sean has been in the credit industry for the last 5 years. He travels the west coast teaching FICO Scoring classes to Mortgage Professionals, Realtors, CPA’s and Attorney’s. During that time frame he has personally helped over 3000 people achieve their goal of homeownership through increasing credit scores. Sean has been featured in many national publications and has been on air with many national radio programs teaching the “In’s and Out’s” of FICO scoring. He especially gets a kick out of helping first time home buyers realize that owning a home can be a reality instead of a dream. He believes that every credit file is unique and requires personalized attention. In his free time Sean can usually be found on a golf course searching for his lost ball

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